A. Registration Fee (Biaya Pendaftaran)
      Rp60.000,00 + Rp20.000,00 (WO)

  • B. Rules (Peraturan)
        1. Each participant must be 12-18 years old in 2022.
        2. There will be two committees, and there will be three awards given out in each committee. There will be 6 total award recipients. Two for each award. 
        3. Committee sessions will be held offline at the 13th September 2022, at SMA Kolese Gonzaga.
        4. For the walkout fee to be refunded, delegates must be present in all committee sessions.
        5. Delegates are required to include their student ID or school statement letter during the registration.
        6. Position papers are mandatory for each delegate.
        7. Position papers must be submitted three days pre-conference. If else, position paper will not be eligible for awarding.
        8. Every delegate must join two WhatsApp groups: a group with all participants regardless of committee and a group per committee.
        9. MUN is a formal event, therefore, there is a strict dress code that has to be followed by every delegate:
          • For boys:  A formal shirt and tie are required. Blazers/suits are not required but are recommended. Formal pants should be used with the shirt. Jeans and shorts are not appropriate or acceptable. Shoes should be formal and appropriate for the event, sneakers and sandals are not acceptable.
          • For girls:  A formal blouse or dress will be appropriate. A blazer/suit is a good thing to make your outfit look more formal. All girls should wear nice pants or capris, as long as their length is by the knee. Shoes should be formal and appropriate for the event, sneakers and sandals are not acceptable.
        10. If later found that the delegate is not registered from the school he/she is registered for, or violates any stated rules, the committee will have the right to exempt said delegate from the council (comses) and awards.

    C. Competition Regulation (Sistematika Lomba)

          1. Registration
          2. Technical Meeting
            1. Assign countries and Committees
            2. Announce position paper deadline
            3. Distribution of:
              1. Rules of Procedure
              2. Study Guide
          3. Position paper submission
          1. Re-registration
          2. Plenary meeting of the General Assembly (Opening ceremony)
            1. Opening statement from Directorate and Secretary General
              1. Welcoming speech
              2. Announcements and general information
            2. Statement from Teacher in Charge (TIC)
            3. Statements from Chairs
          3. Committee Session 1
          4. Lunch Break
          5. Committee Session 2
          6. Closing and Awarding Ceremony

    D. Assessment Criteria (Kriteria Penilaian)

    •      Point evaluation is done by 3 chairs per committee using a point system. The criteria consists of 5 aspects, including:
          1. Verbal skills : Formal debate and moderated caucus
          2. Writing skills : Amendments and resolutions
          3. Knowledge of topics or policy
          4. Parliamentary procedure
          5. Participation skills

      E. Competition Prize (Hadiah)

          • 1st Place : Trophy + Certificate + Rp 750.000,00
          • 2nd Place : Trophy + Certificate + Rp 500.000,00
          • 3rd Place : Trophy + Certificate + Rp 250.000,00


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