1. Participants school is an educational institution equivalent to Senior High School (SMA), Vocational High School (SMK), or Madrasah Aliyah (MA), proven by an identity card (student ID) at the time of registration.
  2. Participants are students from schools who are 10th graders, 11th graders and/or 12th graders.
  3. Quota is a maximum number of competitors, namely a number of teams. Each team consists of 3 (three) students who represent the same school.
  4. Point of Information (POI) is giving interruptions to the opposing team’s participants during the competition.
  5. Case Building is a preparation process which is the right of each participant for 30 minutes before the debate takes place.
  6. Competent party to determine who is the winner of any debate whose decision cannot be contested.
  7. During the competition, all teams must turn their cameras on.


  1. Participants must compete on behalf of the school (SMA/SMK/MA) where they attend. If later found out that a participant does not attend the school they represent, he/she will be disqualified.
  2. Each school is only allowed to send a maximum of 2 (two) team representatives to participate in the debate competition.
  3. Participants must complete their administrative requirements before the technical meeting.
  4. All identities provided by participants are honest data. All data requested by the committee is only used for administrative completeness and will belong to the committee.
  5. Each team participant must be present at the ZOOM Meeting at least 30 (thirty) minutes before the competition takes place.
  6. During case building, participants are not permitted to search the web, however may take down notes for their speech.
  7. Starting from Prelim 3 onwards, participants may ask their adjudicators for the results and feedback from the round during breaks.


  1. Participants must provide their own electronic devices (PC, Handphone, or any other devices) which can access ZOOM as the competition medium.
  2. Willing to prepare their own internet quota.



    Each team consists of 3 (three) people. The members and roles of each team are:

  1. Government Team (proposes and defends the motion)
    • i. Prime Minister (PM) : opens the debate, defines the context and parameters of the motion, and advances arguments.
      ii. Deputy Prime Minister (DPM) : rebuts first argument from Leader of Opposition, reasserts Government’s stand and case, advances arguments.
      iii.Government Whip (GW) : rebuts Opposition’s case and presents a brief summary of the case of the Government.
  2. Opposition Team (refute and negate the motion)
    • i. Leader of Opposition (LO) : may challenge context/ parameters presented by the Prime Minister if definition is challengeable, responds to the first case of the Government, and advances arguments.
      ii. Deputy Leader of the Opposition (DPL) : rebuts first argument from Deputy Prime Minister, reasserts Opposition’s stand and case, advances arguments.
      iii.Opposition Whip (OW) : rebuts Government’s case and presents a brief summary of the case of the Opposition.


    Point of Information (POI) may be raised against a speaker from an opposing team after the first minute until the sixth minute.The POI issued may be either accepted or rejected by the speaker. The duration of POI should not be longer than 20 (twenty) seconds. However, during reply speeches, POI can not be raised.


    Towards the end of the debate, a reply speech will be conducted :

  1. A reply speech is an analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of both sides.
  2. The purpose is to give an assuring argument as to why people should support the team’s claim.
  3. The speech is first delivered by the Opposition side, followed by the Government side.


    The Competition Consists of (estimated) :

  1. Preliminary 1,2,3 (16 participants): the division of opponents will be done randomly. Teams from the same school will not be permitted to compete against each other in round 1.
  2. Quarter Final (8 participants): eight teams with the highest VP and speaker scores will compete against each other.
  3. Semi Final (4 participants): the winning team from each room will compete against each other.
  4. Third Place (2 participants): the losing team from each room in Semi Final rounds will compete against each other for third place.
  5. Grand Final (2 participants): the winning team from each room will compete against each other for first and second place.


  1. Matter
  2. Regarding the substance of the debate, arguments made, evidence presented, and logical reasoning.

  3. Manner
  4. Delivery style, persuasion skills, and participant actions.

  5. Method
  6. The dynamic response of the debate and appropriateness to the principles of debate.


  1. 1st Place : E-Certificate + Rp. 1.000.000,00
  2. 2nd Place : E-Certificate + Rp. 600.000,00
  3. 3rd Place : E-Certificate + Rp. 400.000,00


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Biaya Pendaftaran: Rp.30.000 + Rp.20.000 (WO)


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